December 2, 2017

Why is writing so hard?

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Over the past few years, I’ve wanted to start a blog. Not some blog to push my ideas on people, and especially not because I think my ideas are overly great. I’ve wanted to start a blog that lets me record my thoughts and experiences while, at the same time, allow others to learn from my mistakes and failures — I have many of those.

As a web developer, I find myself reading the words of others and learning from their experiences all the time. This has helped me develop my skills much faster than I would have on my own. I would like to do the same for others.

However, I have a hard time writing. It’s not the mechanics of writing. It’s the organization by far. I find a topic that I think would be easy and simple to write about. Then I start brainstorming… that’s when things start going downhill fast.

Why is writing so much harder?

I have heard many times that coding is like writing. I’ve even read “On Writing Well” to improve my coding. Moreover, I spend quite a bit of my time on making my code flow like an author would with their words.

Oh well, I’ll keep pushing forward. Failure is just a path to success.

Thanks for reading my first post. I really do appreciate it!

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